Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vellalas 1900 years ago

“. …Farmers occupied the highest position. They formed the nobility, or the landed aristocracy, of the country. They were also called the Vellalar “lords of the flood” or the Karalars “lords of clouds” titles expressive of their skills in controlling floods and in storing water for agricultural purposes. The Chera, Chola and Pandian kings and most of the petty chiefs of Tamilakam belonged the tribe of Vellalas…”

… The Vellala families who conquered Vadukam or the modern Telugu country were called Velamas and the great Zamindars there still belong to the Velamar caste.

In the Canarese country The Vellalas formed the Bellala dynasty which ruled that country for several centuries. The Vellalas were also called Gangakula or Gangavamsa because they derived their descent from the great and powerful tribe named Gangaride which inhabited the valley of the Ganges… A portion of Mysore which was peopled by mostly by Vllalas were called Gangavadi…”

Source: V. Kanakasabhai Pillai,“The Tamilians eighteen hundred years ago”

Asian Educarional S ervices, Madras 1997 3rd Reprint. Pages 113-114

Vellala goad

“…The Vellala goad is the ruler’s scepter”

… the vellalasa by the effect of their ploughinf maintained the prayers of the brhmins,the charity,donation,the enjoyment of domestic life and connubial happiness,homage to the god… things of good re port or came to pass by the merit of the Vellalan plough.So there is asating:Agriculture is no agriculture unless it is performed by the Vellalas.”

E. Thurston & Rengachari, Castes and tribes of Southern India Madras 1907 Vol VII p 371-72

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